Thank you for visiting my home page. This is not for business, but for my desire to tell my pleasant experiences to other people. Actually I had been an urban resident and moved in Yugawara in a strange way. At first I was anxious about the new life, but I found that Yugawara is a good place to live.


Yugawara is a town located at the base of Izu peninsula. Izu peninsula is an old volcanic mountain chain. In the Yugawara area, two rivers washed out the mountain and made a small flat land at their mouths. Thus the residents can visit clean rivers, the seashore, mountains, and hot springs in a short time.


You can get Yugawara in two hours from Tokyo by a local train. Yugawara train station is 62 miles, 99.9 kilometers, away from Tokyo station. You see the ocean when the train goes out of Odawara station. Then, there are a lot of mikans (satsumas) on the tree. You will be in Yugawara soon.