Hand-made insect catcher for residents


I enjoy observing insects only if they are in the field. When I find them in my room, I throw them out using a hand-made catcher. You can make this simple tool with a milk pack  and a PET bottle.


How to make it


1.  Cut off the upper part of a PET bottle as a catcher.


2.  Get a square piece from a milk pack for a lid. It must be larger than the cross section of the catcher.



How to use it


1.  Imagine that a pink object is an insect.


2. Catch the insect using the catcher.



 3. Good job!

      You are sure because the catcher is transparent.


 4.  Slide a lid under the catcher and the insect.



5.  Captured! Although the insect is upset, it is not injured.



6.  Open the window and throw it out.



I think this tool is nice for a nature lover.