Mr. Mamoru Shigemitsu


This building is the memorial house of Mr. Mamoru Shigemitsu (1887 - 1957) located in Oku-Yugawara. Mr. Shigemitsu was a diplomat and lost his right leg by a bomb attack in China. On the 2nd September 1945, he represented the Japanese government and signed the document of surrender. He spent his later years in this house.

Daruma-taki fall

 This fall is the Daruma-taki fall, which flows into the Fujiki river. Daruma means Dharma, a founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism and "taki" means a waterfall. You can see a dharma-doll-like rock in the water, can't you?


This is the garden of the Yugawara municipal museum. This woman is dropping water into a washbasin. Then you can hear a small sound from the base of the basin. The water overflows and taps onto a hidden water pool. Then the sound echoes in the  base. They call this mechanism "Suikinkutsu", which means a water-related musical instrument in a hidden chamber.

 Promenade along the coast


This is my favorite walking course. I walk from the path beside a supermarket named "Espot" to the mouth of Chitose-gawa river. You can see the tip of the cape, that is the north end of Atami. Usually a dozen anglers are standing along the coast.